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Step 1: The Decision

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

The beginning of any success story always starts the same way. Somebody has a goal, and they decide that that goal, is worth working for. This is the first part of the decision.

However the decision is not that easy. I'm sure we have l'l decided that there is something we should be doing to benefit out future selves, but we still manage to avoid it. Whether it's because it's hard, boring, or you lie to yourself and say that you're too "busy", it is easy to find reasons why you are not following through.

That is where the second part of the decision comes through. Before you can put real, consistent effort into something, you need to understand why you want your goal. What is it in your dream, that is worth working hard for. If you don't have a good reason, you will never be able to stick it through to the end. In the same way you shouldn't build a house on an unstable foundation. You shouldn't build your life around a goal that you don't truly want.

Once you know why you want your goal, then you are ready to make the decision. The decision is a statement that you will achieve your goal, and you will put in the work to make it happen because it probably won't happen over night. That is the decision that every successful person ever has made. Once you have decided that your goal is important and you have a strong reason to do it, you will feel drawn to your goal, and whenever you start to lose your drive, remember why you want to achieve your goal. Think about the people you will help. Think about the feeling of accomplishment you will feel.


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