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Step 2. The First Step

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Once you have articulated why your goal is important for you and worth pursuing, it is time to commit, and create a plan of attack. Before you plan anything though, I want you to tell your closest friends and family about what you want to accomplish. The reason you do this is so that you are held accountable to your goals. Verbally committing to something like this will dramatically increase the odds of you following through because, if you have friends like mine they will make fun of you if you fail to try, but they will respect you if you put in a real effort.

Now that you have committed to your goal, you can start to create your plan of attack. Now, different strategies might work for different people, but what I do, is I find the easiest, fastest thing that I can do to get on track towards my goal. If I am trying to learn a hard song on my guitar, I tune my guitar and open up the tab/sheet music. I try to make my first step so easy, that even if I just got out of bed, hungover and sleep deprived, I could still muster up the energy to do it. If you are wanting to start running, put on your shoes and walk out the door. If you are trying to eat healthy, put an apple on your desk.

Small habits lead to big changes in the long run. How are you going to have a six pack if you aren't the kind of person that consistently gets in the gym? How are you going to make a million dollars if you aren't consistently working on, and thinking about increasing your income? By doing the first tiny step, you are slowly but surely, becoming the type of person that will eventually achieve your goal.

Before you do anything else, set yourself up by doing a small action to put yourself on the right track.

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